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Frequently Ask Questions

What is Developmental Delay?
Tends to be temporary. Children acquire a milestone later than expected, but development occurs in a “typical” sequence. 

What is Developmental Disorder?
Is a long-term or “chronic” condition such as cerebral palsy where child does not catch up and/or development occurs atypically. 

What are communication delays/disorders?
Speech and language delay/disorders not only affect the way individuals express themselves, but the way they comprehend others. These disorders may range from simple sound substitutions (typically found in children) to serious cognitive deficits that prevent individuals from being able to use speech and language at all.

Does My child with a delay/disorder need specialized services?
​​Yes. The ability to communicate effectively is important for all ages.  Communication is needed to establish appropriate social interaction with others as well. If left untreated, a speech or language delay/disorder can negatively affect academic performance, social interaction, vocational success and in some cases, the ability to live and function independently.